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Dirk Maggs is a world renowned director of drama and producer of comedy, whose ground breaking work includes The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy series 3, 4 & 5, topical satire It’s Been A Bad Week and many adaptations of comic book superheroes: The Adventures Of Superman, Batman: Knightfall, The Amazing Spider-Man and Judge Dredd.


Along the way his production of Superman – Doomsday and Beyond (”Superman Lives” in the USA) won the 1994 Audie Award for Best Dramatisation from the American Booksellers Association and Spoken Word Audio of The Year from the US Publishers Weekly. In 2005 Time Warner audiobooks re-released Dirk’s Batman: Knightfall and Superman Lives in the USA, prompting a UK re-release by BBC Audiobooks. More recently Dirk has directed many Radio 4 dramas, including The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists starring Timothy Spall, Johnny Vegas, Paul Whitehouse, Bill Bailey, Raquel Cassidy and Andrew Lincoln.

David Morley is a radio producer, dramatist and author. His plays for BBC radio include The Two Brexiteers, Heading To Paradise, The Iraq Dossier and The Death of Tom Inglis.  As a producer, his dramas include Far Side of the Moore, The McKinnon Extradition, A Patriot For Me and Ebola. His numerous documentaries for BBC Radio include Lemn Sissay on The Last Poets, Oona King on her family’s part in the Civil Rights struggle, and Michael Apted on the banning of The War Game. 

The Stage described him as "unrivalled in turning true events into radio dramas". The Independent on Sunday described him as "a perceptive journalist and a fine writer" in their review of his book "Gorgeous George: The life and adventures of George Galloway".

Richard Clemmow has produced award winning television programmes, radio and online content in the UK and the USA. He trained with the BBC and went on to work on a number of news and current affairs programmes including Newsnight and Channel 4 News. At the BBC he was head of the department responsible for all the BBC’s network daily news and current affairs shows.After a spell in the United States creating programmes for PBS and cable stations, where he won an Emmy for a film on Watergate, he returned to the UK working for Carlton Television, TWI and Juniper Communications and produced television documentaries and factual shows for all the major UK broadcasters and several major international co-productions.

Paul Weir is a sound designer, composer and voice director and has worked on over forty games as well as several films, radio, adverts and theatre shows. As well as being a director of Perfectly Normal he also runs the audio post-production company Earcom, his last released game being No Man's Sky for Hello Games. He's an expert in generative sound design and VR audio and works with Microsoft on their HoloLens technology.

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