Bosnia - The Forgotten Victims

BBC Five Live, Feb 2012, 60 mins

In an emotional journey Bob Stewart, MP, meets the people who many years later are struggling to cope with the aftermath of the bloody conflict.

Produced by Richard Clemmow

Life And Death on the Front Line

BBC Radio 4, May 2012, 28 mins

In a world that has come to expect news and eye-witness reporting almost instantly from every corner of the globe are the dangers faced by journalists who seek to shine a light on some of the ugliest aspects of the human story a price worth paying? Presented by John Simpson.

Produced by Richard Clemmow

I'm Suzy and I'm a Phobic

BBC Radio 4, August 2012, 28 mins

Suzy Klein is highly phobic and she wants it to stop. She won't go in lifts, no matter how many steps she has to climb, and she hasn't been on the underground for twenty years. Suzy has been phobic of spiders (now recovered) and didn't go on a plane for three years (but now flies). Yet every time she beats a phobia, another one takes hold.

Produced by David Morley

The British Caste Conundrum

BBC Radio 4, August 2011, 30 mins

Paul Sinha discovers that some British Asians believe caste discrimination is alive and well in the UK and explores why the government has not made Caste discrimination an offence under the Equality Act.

Produced by David Morley

Stepping Stones of Islamic Spain

BBC Radio 4, July 2012, 2 x 30 mins

Great buildings, such as The Alhambra Palace and the Cathedral-Mosque of Cordoba, link us to much of this past and are stepping stones in Michael Portillo's journey. Along the way, he asks why there are so few mosques in Spain, despite its many Muslims, and he digs into the Reconquista - the expulsion of Muslims and their forced conversion to Christianity.

Produced by David Morley

The Ex X Factor

BBC Radio 1, October 2010, 60 mins

Scott Mills presented the story of the ones who tried and failed… who didn’t have the X Factor.

Produced by Matt Hill

Policing Britain

BBC Radio 4, December 2010, 3 x 30 mins

Andy Hayman presented a three part series for BBC Radio 4 on law and order in today’s UK. Featuring exclusive interviews with senior police officers, government ministers and Civil Service mandarins

Produced by Richard Clemmow

1929: Crash, Bang, Wallop!

BBC Radio 2, October 2009, 60 mins

Kirsty Wark looks into the cultural impact of the last stock market crash and ensuing Great Depression. It was the era of Hollywood’s Golden Age, the birth of radio, and the Dust Bowl Ballads.

Produced by David Morley

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