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Am I Too Old to Drive?

BBC Radio 4, September 2019, 28 mins

Political reporter Julia Langdon was so concerned about her elderly father’s driving that she reported him to the DVLA to try to get his licence taken away. Now, septuagenarian Julia asks if we need to change the law and force the over 70s to have their driving assessed officially.

Produced by David Morley

Don’t Panic! It’s The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Papers

BBC Radio 4, March 2018, 58 mins

John Lloyd uncovers the story of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, 40 years on, with the help of the private papers of his friend and colleague Douglas Adams.

A Bite Media Production

Tree Spirits

BBC World Service, August 2017, 2 x 27 mins

A two-part documentary uncovering the stories of two trees with remarkable religious significance. Ethno Botanist Ann Lewington visits The Bodhi Tree, the most important site for Buddhists, and Thimamma Marimanu, the world’s largest tree and a shrine to the Hindu god Shiva.

A Bite Media Production

Asquith’s Fight For Equality

BBC Radio 4, October 2016, 28 mins

Up until 1966 two of the UK’s great railway stations, Euston and St Pancras, both operated a colour bar which prevented blacks taking jobs where they would be visible to the public, or supervise white men.  It was a ban enforced by the National Union of Railwaymen, until Asquith Xavier risked his own job and the anger of his fellow workers when he went public and demanded the rules be changed. Oona King tells his story. 

A Bite Media Production

The Plastic Revolution: 50 Years of the Credit Card

BBC Radio 4, August 2016, 28 mins

The remarkable story of how a six page document and an investment of just £20,000 became the first steps on a road that changed British society forever. In 1966 the ‘Barclaycard’ became the UK’s first credit card, and customers could start to buy with money they had yet to earn. This idea would gather momentum and not just sweep away post-war austerity, but help create a culture that has led to UK average household debt standing at 170% of disposable income.

A Bite Media Production

I Work for The Government, and Let’s Leave It At That

BBC Radio 4, January 2016, 28 mins

Journalist Julia Langdon uncovers the surprising ways women have been recruited into the British secret services, and reveals how important that process is today. At the Royal Naval School for girls, a fierce lady addressed Julia about a career in the government but no details of the job were given and she was told that if asked, she should say “I work for the government and let’s leave it at that, shall we.” Only later did the penny drop that the recruiter worked for the secret services.

A Bite Media Production

On Air with Annie Nightingale

BBC Radio 2, July 2015, 2 x 57 mins

Annie Nightingale looked back at her 50 years in broadcasting.

“I’ve heard many documentaries on the history of popular music and culture since 1960. I’ve never before heard one that translates the black and white of memory into the full colour of how it felt at the time.” 

A Bite Media Production

The War Game Files

BBC Radio 4, June 2015, 58 mins

Michael Apted revealed the secret collaboration between the BBC and Harold Wilson’s administration in the banning of the film The War Game.

“This programme pieces together the cooking of a pickle such as can only be rustled up by the British establishment” David Hepworth, The Guardian

A Bite Media Production

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